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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
January-March 2011
Name : Coconut Marketing Societies of Kerala State the College Teachers:
Author : Dr. Kaneez Fatima Sadriwala, Dr. Ayoob.C.P
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Name : Effectiveness of Online Recruitment and Selection Process : A Case of Tesco
Author : Aakash Gopalia
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Name : The Effect of Qualified Audit Report on Share Prices and Returns: Evidence of Iran
Author : Mehdi Moradi, Mahdi Salehi, Mehrollah Rigi & Mohsen Moeinizade
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Name : Corporate Earnings, Inflation and Real Output: Empirical Evidence From Australia
Author : Tobias Basse
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Name : Private Equity Investment Trend in India - Pre and Post Global Financial Crisis
Author : Dr. Smita Shukla, Dr. Anjali Gokhru
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Name : Microfinance and Rural Development in the North East India
Author : Arup Roy
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Name : Strategic Management Practices In Indian Companies: A Financial Analysis
Author : Dr G. S. Rathore
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Name : FII Equity Investment and Indian Capital Market - An Empirical Investigation
Author : Dr Rajeev K Shukla ,Dr Ajit Upadhyaya,Samiksha Jain
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Name : Accounting and Reporting for Knowledge Assets with the Adoption of International Accounting Standard (IAS)
: Dr. Vineet Chouhan,Dr. Anil. K. Bhatt,Dinesh Kumar Vyas
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Name : Customer Relationship Management in Indian Life Insurance Sector
: Ashraf Imam
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Name : An Analysis of Financial Health of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry
: Dr. Shurveer S. Bhanawat, Amitha Singhvi
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Name : Depending on Independent: Requires Fresh Look
: Dr. Pragnesh Shah
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Name : Economy At A Glance
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