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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
December 2012
Name : Efficiency of Employee`s Training Programme at Reaction level: An Emperical Evidence from "State bank of Hyderabad" in India
Author : Dr.Sudhir Chandra Das,Miss Harshit topno
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Name : Understandin Individual Investor`s Bahaviour: A Review of Emperical Evidance
Author : DR. Mandeep Kaur,Tine Vohra
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Name : An Emperical Study on customer`s Satisfaction of Life Insurance Policy:With Special Reference to Three District of Barak Vally,Assam
Author : Mrinmoy Bhattachajee,Nikhil Bhushan Dey
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Name : An Analysis of Environmental Performance of the World in the Time Period of 1990-2010
Author : Sandeep Bhattacharjee
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Name : Customized Social Responsibility in India Making Corporate More Resposibility:A Social Approach
Author : Prataham Parekh
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Name : Is Microfincance Outreach at the cost of Profitability? A Case of the Microfinance Institution in Assam
Author : Dr. Arup Roy
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Name : Post Merger Financial Performance Analysis of ICICI Bank and Erstwhile Bank of Rajasthan Ltd.
Author : Nidhi Nalwaya,Rahul Vyas
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Name : Corpotate Governance: A Case Study of Disclouser Practice in Indian Private Sector Banks
Author : Dr. Meenu Maheshwari, Dr. Ashok Kumar Gupta,Ms.Nisha Meena
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Name : A Link for Preceived Price, Price fairness and Customer Satisfaction
Author : Vinita Kaura
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Name : De-Tariffication: A Risk Based Pricing & Risk Reduction regime
Author : Dr.C.S.Yadav,Ms.Rameesha Kalra,Ms.Monika Bhatia
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Name : Improving Facility Layout of An Automotive Industry: Using Graph Theory
Author : Komal Verma,Ramakant Upadhyay,Sandeep Gangawat
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Name : Applying Balanced Scorecard in Indian Banking Sector: An Emperical Study of the State Bank of India
Author : Dr. Sagar R.Dave, Dr. Swati R.Dave
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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