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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
January 2013

Name : Personal Income Tax Structure In India: An Evaluation
Author : Dr. Radha Gupta
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Name : Unorganized Retail Shopping Experience in India: An Empirical Investigation
Author : Adil Zia, Khalid Mohammad Azam
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Name : Revamping Policies and Strategies of Public Health Management in India: A Critique
Author : Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary, Ms. Rishu Gupta
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Name : Role of Microfinance in Empowerment of Women: A Study of Selected Experiments in Rajasthan
Author : Miss. Chandan Medatwal
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Name : Preference for Promotional Strategies Directed at Children: An Empirical Investigation
Author : Dr. Pavleen Kaur, Jyoti Vohra
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Name : Ensuring Quality and Productivity through Teaching Economics in Indian Engineering Education System
Author : Dr. Sangya Shrivastava
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Name : Diversity Management and Human Resource Development–A Study of Indian Organizations
Author : Kavita Meena, Prof. Sita Vanka
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Name : Environmental Accounting & Reporting in India (A comparative study of Bharat Petroleum Company Limited & Oil & Natural Gas Company Limited)
Author : Dr. Anita Shukla, Nidhi Vyas
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Name : Performance Evaluation of Selected Mutual Funds
Author : Poonam M Lohana
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Name : Impact of Functional Areas on Stress Level of Executives: A New Perspective
Author : Dr. Payal Sarupria
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Name : Determinants of Customers' Satisfaction for Stock Broking Services - An Empirical Analysis
Author : Dr Rajeev K Shukla, Dr Ajit Upadhyaya
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Name : Emerging Islamic Banking: Its Need and Scope in India
Author : Khurram Ajaz khan*
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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