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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
July 2013
Name : Editorial
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Name : Exploring Conflict Management Mechanism and the relationship between Demographics & Conflict Handling Styles in Private Sector Commercial Banks
Author : Shivani Nischal
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Name : Whole Foods Market: A Revolutionary Management Model at Work
Author : Swarup Kumar Dutta
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Name : An Exploratory Study to Precise the Nature and Scope of Medical Tourism
Author : Prof. (Dr.) Nishith, Kumar H. Bhatt, Prof. Parimal Trivedi
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Name : Factors affecting the Adoption of B2B E-commerce – An Empirical Study
Author : Dr. Goldi Puri,Sakshi Bansal
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Name : Determinants of Working Capital in Cement Industry- A case study of ACC Ltd.
Author : Dr. S. Vijayalakshmi,Nikhel Bansal
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Name : Impact of Service Quality Dimensions Towards Customer Satisfaction In Indian Call Centers
Author : Sumit Agarwal,Dr. Deepak Singh,Prof. K S Thakur
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Name : Exploring a Common Theme of Organizational Commitment: A Way to Consesusness
Author : Arfat Ahmad,Dr. Riyaz Ahmad Rainayee
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Name : Effect of Global Recession on Stock Sensitivity Index (Β) with Special Reference to Indian IT Sector
Author : Sharda Haryani,Bharti Motwani,Nitin Tanted,Debansu Roy Monika Maheshwari*****
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Name : Full Moon Strategy: A Symbolic Derivation
Author : Dr. Amiya K Mohapatra,Chinmay Dave
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Name : ERP Implementation: A Review of Selected Critical Success Factors
Author : Prof. Karunesh Saxena,Shankar Chaudhary
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Name : To Assess the Motivation Level of employees in Rajasthan Healthcare System
Author : Mr. Sushman Sharma,Mrs. Garima Sharma
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Name : Performance Evaluation of Power Sector in Odisha: A Case Study of Gridco
Author : Mrs. Madhusmita Mishra
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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