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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
June 2013
Name : A Study on Pre-Investment Actions of Indian Venture Capitalists
Author : Dr. Bindiya Soni, Dr. P. K. Priyan
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Name : Retail Strategies of Successful Unorganised Pharmacy Stores – a case study in Bangalore
Author : Dr. Raman Sreedhara
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Name : Testing Weak Form of Efficiency of Indian Stock Market
Author : Haritika Arora
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Name : Gender Inequality in Terms of Health and Nutrition in India: Evidence from National Family Health Survey-3
Author : A K Tiwari
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Name : Emotional Intelligence and Gender Dependent Leadership
Author : Pooja, Dr.Pranab Kumar
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Name : FHealthcare Service Quality and word of mouth: Key drivers to achieve Patient Satisfaction
Author : J. Rama Krishna Naik, Dr Byram Anand, Irfan Bashir
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Name : Corporate Financial Reporting on Internet – A Study of Users Perception
Author : Shubhendu Kumar Jain , Prof. (Dr.) Pramod Kumar
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Name : Small Format Retail Chain: The case of Subhiksha
Author : K. Suvarchala Rani, Dr S.R. Subba Rao
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Name : Production of Value Added Chicken Meat Mince Incorporated Cookies and Their Cost Economics - Benefit Ratio
Author : Raj Kumar Berwal, Nita Khanna
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Name : Customer Relationship Management in Hotel Industry
Author : Gagandeep Banga, Babita Kumar, Harshal Goyal
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Name : Assessment and Comparison of Indian Public and Private Sector Banks throughCustomers' Experience and Customers' Satisfaction Survey
Author : Dr. Raja M. Rather
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Name :  Challenges before Indian Higher Education: An Administrative Vision
Author : Suthar C.R., Joshi R.C.
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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