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A Refereed Monthly International Journal of Management
March 2013
Name : Price lead legs In Indian Stock and Futures Market-A Wavelet Based Study
Author : Irfan ul Haq,Dr. K. Chandrashekhar Rao,B.Viritha
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Name : Evaluating Efficiency of Commercial Banks in India: Using DEA Model
Author : Majid Shaban, Dr. V. Kavida, Aasif Shah
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Name : Need Based Funding to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Sectors : A Practical Approach
Author : Dr. K. K. Patra, C. Panigrahi
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Name : Impact of Perpetual Existance of Firms of Profitability: Emperical Evidance from Food Industry in India
Author : Dr.Ramchandran Azhagaiah, Dr. Raju Deepa
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Name : Efficiency Analysis of Priavate Life Insurance In India: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
Author : Mr. Abhijit Sinha
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Name : Impact of Teachers' Participation in Decision Making on Commitment Forms in Indian Engineering Institutions
Author : Dr. S. Pavan Kumar, Prof. Dr. Vijai N. Giri
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Name : Analysis of Brand Equity and Resonance of Private Banking Services in India
Author : Parul Verma
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Name : An Empirical Study applying Chart Patterns to Indian Realty Market Crashes based on Predictive Efficiency
Author : Varun Sarda, Dr Yamini Karmarkar, Neha Lakhotia
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Name : Impact of Securitization on Indian Banks: An Empirical Study
Author : Dr. Kavita Chavali, Shemeem S
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Name : Empowerment of SC Beneficiaries through SGSY: A Performance Evaluation of Indian States
Author : Dr. Kuldip S. Chhikara
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Name : Green Products and Green Marketing: Are Customers Aware?
Author : Sweta Gupta, Dr. Deepak Singh and Prof. K. S. Thakur
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Name : Dynamic Capabilities as Source of Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Organizations
Author : Swarup Kumar Dutta
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Name : Book Review
Author : Prof. Harshita Shrimali
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Name : Economy At A Glance
Author :
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Name : Editorial
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